Monday, 5 October 2009

Homework for 6-11 October

getting close to making your opening sequence now !

Homework due sunday 11th 9 pm on your blog:

Pick an opening (film) from 'art of the title' and paste on your blog the nine frames.
Watch the sequence, download it to your computer to enable you to look at the timeline.
Get a big sheet of plain paper and mark out a timeline, then go through and write on it where each title comes in. See steve's Juno example as a model (above). Then take a photo of it and upload to Flickr and paste to your blog. Write a few lines explaining what it is about. This should give you a really good model for your own layout of a title sequence, including timings and jobs.

Secondly, paste your nine frames activity from Flickr onto the blog and write about how you made it.

Thirdly, paste your ident video from Vimeo and write about how you created it.

Finally go back through this blog and check that you have completed every task on your blog. Anything missing, catch it up!
Alex, Angelica, Max- your video is here

Don't forget...any problems e-mail me: or via the long road e-mail

CLICK HERE to view the opening sequence timelines on flickr.

CLICK HERE to view the opening sequence cotact sheets on flickr.

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