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Animatics are moving storyboards

Using Final Cut you will be adding titles, music, sound effects and transitions to your storyboard frames.

(Preparation: if your storyboard frame photos are too dark, open them in Photoshop and apply Auto Levels on them. MAIN MENU > IMAGE > ADJUSTMENTS > AUTO LEVELS > SAVE)

It will help to give you an idea of how the three main elements (editing of the action, graphics & sound) will combine in your opening sequence.

It should be the KEY FRAMES of your sequence.
You should aim for 18-24 frames (3/4 storyboard sheets)

Rian Johnson’s opening childhood sequence ANIMATIC
for Brothers Bloom (2008)

Brothers Bloom Childhood Sequence Animatic from rcjohnso on Vimeo.

This animatic was created in the early pre-production process by Rian Johnson, the director of Brothers Bloom (2008).

The artwork consists of storyboards by the storyboard artist Daniele Auber.

It was all put together on his laptop in Final Cut Pro.

He did all the voices himself!

It was invaluable tool in showing business and the creative teams how the whole thing would come together.

The finished opening childhood sequence - Brothers Bloom (Rian Johnson 2008)

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